Search Engine Marketing

Darwin marketing’s SEM team adheres to the philosophy of “Consulting/Market Insights + Technology Enablement + Integrated Communication” and strives to achieve the optimal ROI for clients through the turn-key solution.

Search Engine Optimization

Darwin marketing has dedicated to search engine optimization industry over 10 years and has played a leading and pioneer role in this arena. We have built our core solution and capabilities through the integration of SEO, SEM, Social and ECOM to realize the best effect.

Social Media Marketing

We have built social relationships for global and domestic leading brands across the most popular platforms. Based on our strong data, technology and originality, we deliver integrated strategy and execution to create more positive engagement between brand and consumers.


China’s e-commerce is a fast-growing, multi-billion dollar market, which attract international enterprises to come into. We have provided the comprehensive ECOM services spanning across ECOM strategy planning to execution to help clients systematically manage ECOM business.


Holistic Overview upon Digital Marketing Landscape

We have built our core solution and capabilities based upon the insightful understanding of digital marketing world to harness brand mantra and enable the optimal brand reach and engagement.

In-depth Cross Industry Insights

We have imparted our best experience, industry know-how and integrated digital guidelines to come up with the tailed GO-TO-MARKET strategy and practices to meet different clients’ norms.

Track Record Successful Cases

Since the establishment of 2005, Darwin has served more than 500 global and local clients, including some most prestigious brands and continuously evolved our business to align with clients’ business objectives.

Optimal ROI

We have delivered the optimized ROI and enabled clients to achieve their business objectives through the delicate and well-designed marketing mix.

Bilingual and Multi-backgrounds Professionals

Darwin is employing a variety of professionals coming from different backgrounds comprising of leading internet companies, 4A, clients’ industries with hands-on experience, bilingual capabilities and overseas views.

Tracking & Measurement “Value” Tools

Based on the requests of our internal and external teams, our technology professionals developed a series of “VALUE” proprietary tracking, analysis and measurement tools to support our clients/teams work in Search, Social and ECOM.



Latest News and Insights to Broaden Horizons.

Digital Marketing Trend #1 – The Rise of Content
  • The Growing Importance of Social Media and Content – 2015
  • Video Content fast growing to drive the Social Influencer
  • The Chinese Leader of Social Commerce – Xiaomi / (China’s Apple)
  • Digital Marketing Trend #2 – Cross-Channel and Converged
  • Paid, Owned and Earned– Where Content + Media Converge
  • User Behavior is Cross-Channel and Converged
  • China’s Increasingly Converged, Cross-Channel Platforms
  • New Cross-Channel Opportunities for Brands and Platforms
  • Digital Marketing Trend #3- Search Behavior is Omni-Channel

    The third trend is the spread of omni-channel Search behavior. Beyond core Search Engines like Google and Baidu, user search behavior is skipping across Social, Video and ECOM channels. User’s search to surface media, content, and products cross channel. Search behavior is Omni-channel.